We are always aiming at the highest quality design of Printed Wiring Boards.
Seisho PWB Design Office
Seisho PWB Design Office
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Design environment
Ÿ Analog high-density board design

Ÿ Analog high-density board design
  EPerformance control of functions which do not appear in a circuit diagram.
EDesigning products while considering about circuit functions.
EDesigning products while considering about manufacturing terms and conditions.
Data links between CAD CR5000 data.

Ÿ Data sharing parts library, outside data and NET data)
  ESimplification of mutual checks.
EShortening of working hours.
EWorking closely with your company to reduce expenses and lead times as circumstances change.

Ÿ Receiving data from CAD at other companies.
EGABA data etc.

Ÿ Transmission and reception of plans by e-mail.

  EWe use e-mails in taking all orders, any changes and checking the plans.
EPDF, DXF, HPGL, etc.

Ÿ Data inspections by BD viewer software.

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